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About the blog

A woman is as great as a man, but in a different way. Women are special. We are created by God to help men on Earth. In the old ages, men set out in the woods looking for food. Women stayed in the caves, taking care of the shelter, the children and prepare whatever is needed while waiting for the men to come home.

In Islam, it is our belief that a Muslimah (Muslim woman) is meant to stay home as housewife, takes care of the children and guards the house while the husband is away at work. Men are after all the leaders of mankind. However, many women today set out to work, not only to assist financially, but to gain experience and help the world. This is with the permission of the husband, of course.

I have been married for more than 4 years now. I am now a wife to a great husband, a mother of two wonderful boys, a doctor and a medical lecturer. At home, I concentrate to do my duties as a loyal wife and a great Ummi (means mother in Arabic).  At the faculty, I concentrate on my job as a medical lecturer in Anatomy. My experience as a doctor for 4 years has given me some clinical experience, which I share with my medical students.  I feel that it is also my duty to help them become good doctors later on. With my friends, I like to share with them any knowledge and experience that I have as a Muslimah, a mother, a wife and a doctor.

This is a blog for all the great Muslimah in the world.


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