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My first beautiful labour experience

Have you ever heard of natural birth? I got to know about this during my second pregnancy. I was searching for ways to ease my labour pain and I came across this method. Natural birth is a method of delivery used by the older generations before the modern labour room policy was made.

For my second pregnancy, I went into labour at 38 weeks of gestation. I was determined to go through this labour as natural as possible. I had chosen natural birth methods and had sticked to my birth plan.  I refused any form of drugs for pain relief, be it epidural or injections. During contraction, I did not lie down  because it would worsen the pain. At certain times, I sat down facing and holding the back of the chair with my thighs apart. There was no birthing ball available, if not I would have used that too. My husband helped to massage my lower back with lavender aromatherapy oil. At other times, I practiced the breathing method during contractions. I kept myself well hydrated and ate light snacks during the labour process. In conclusion, I did not stay in bed during the hours of labour. These natural pain relief methods have helped me go through the intense labour pain.

After almost 10 hours,  I was finally ready to give birth. That was the first time I felt the feeling of bearing down.  I remember back then during my time as the medical officer attending to a woman in labour. She used to say she has the feeling of passing motion at the time the baby was about to be delivered. I experienced the exact feeling and the urge to push was tremendous. As my second son’s head came out through my perineum, I felt the most glorious feeling and I mentioned ‘Alhamdulillah’ (Graceful to Allah) for this moment. The sound of my second son crying was another great moment as he was brought to my chest immediately. I managed to cuddle and breastfeed him for about 10 minutes before he was taken by the nurses to be cleaned and properly wrapped in a towel. At that particular moment, I realised that I have successfully gave birth to a healthy baby without any medical intervention. I was very much satisfied.

Hours later, the obstetrician was amazed to see me looking so fresh after a day of labour pain. A friend of mine, who saw my picture in Facebook, mentioned that I did not look like anyone who just delivered a baby. Was it the power of this homeopathy, Salindah that I have been taking? I wonder. Fortunately, my baby and me were well and healthy. We were discharged the very next day. Now, our second son, Muhammad Ayyub is a bubbly, cheerful boy about to turn 2 years old in July. Again, we thank you, Ya Allah for this blessing.