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My experience with Shaklee supplements

I was first introduced to Shaklee by my uncle back in 2003. I was consuming some of the vitamins but only for a few months, then i stopped due to financial constraints and also lack of awareness on staying healthy.

However, in 2011, I was again introduced to Shaklee by my good friend, Aini Hayati. This time, being pregnant for the third time, made me thought of getting myself proper supplements for my own health and well being of the unborn baby. I was introduced to Euphoria Set – comprising of Vita-Lea, B Complex, Ostematrix and Vita-C. I tried out the Trial Packs, then went on to buy the whole set. For me and my husband to consume. Alhamdulillah, my lethargy was gone and I felt energetic again. My husband claimed that his rhinitis was more under control.

I then introduced the set to my mother in-law and sister in-law. I am still waiting for their feedback though.

Right now, I am already 4 weeks post-partum and still consuming the Euphoria set. I am planning to consume the Meal Shake and Energising Soy Protein to combat the hunger pangs I get from the active breastfeeding session. One thing, my breast milk has increased tremendously during this postnatal period, as compared to the last time. Shaklee supplements? Maybe, with the proper diet and supplements that I am getting, the production of breast milk has been great and most probably of good quality too. Evidence? My baby’s weight has increased 500mg within a week. To the surprise of my paediatrician.

Well, all too good to be true about Shaklee supplements. I am now a Shaklee Independent Distributor. Being a member now, to have the opportunity to introduce the supplements to my family, close relatives and friends. And to introduce them to the world of health.

Contact me for more details and to purchase Shaklee products.